new beginnings

{you think Florida is all beaches & palm trees until you drive across the state!}

Guess who's back, back again... yes, I know, cheesy Eminem song. But, this past weekend rectified new beginnings for me and I decided to get back to my old ways and start blogging again. Why not document my life on the internet, right?! I enjoy having a virtual diary. These are some pictures from this past weekend (taken with my IPhone).

{white roses from Valentine's day that lasted almost two weeks!}

{since the BF is out of town for a while i'll be eating a lot of solo dinners on the living room floor}

{blimp sighting}

{view from the BF's temporary pad in Bradenton, FL. yes, please! isn't it dreamy?! the sun sets over the ocean on the west coast of Florida. i'll definitely be visiting every weekend! not only for the view, because i love him!}