soda is the enemy

soda is the enemy! one of them, anyway. diet or regular, don't cut yourself any slack because they are both bad news. here's another reason, as if you need one, to stop drinking soda. 
need caffeene? drink coffee or tea. both are healthy options that will not lead to weight gain & obesity. just go easy on the cream & sugar. a dab of coconut milk makes any cup of coffee delish!


baseball wife

it took me a little while to think of a title for this post. not sure why i was attempting to get creative with that? i'll just call it like it is; baseball wife.

i've never really liked that title and, it's taken me over a year to embrace it. that has nothing to do with me not being proud of who my husband is & his career. it has everything to do with how people outside of baseball perceive us "baseball wives."
no, we are not all like the chicks on the reality show.
no, we are not all multi-millionaires.
no, not all of our husbands cheat on us. and, who has the balls to ask this question, anyway?! rude.
yes, our lives can be very fortunate but they can also be very tough at times.
baseball life is a different life and often hard for others to understand.

so, yes, my husband plays professional baseball. he's a right-handed pitcher. i am so proud of him for making his childhood dream, that he worked his ass off for, a reality. i am so happy that he chose me to be his teammate, major-supporter-of-his-dreams, & personal cheerleader in life. i absolutely love being his wife.
i don't mind answering questions, i'll actually answer any question to the best of my ability. if you want to know the inside scoop of baseball- the business, which is the side that we all know too well, i'll try to help you understand. but, give us wives a little credit & respect... some of us do have jobs/careers, not all of us are fortunate enough or choose to spend the season with our favorite guy (this could be for a number of reasons: financial, children, jobs...), we're not naive/dumb/money spending extensions of our husbands/boyfriends.
and, no, we are not all involved in a dramatic love triangle.
some of us spend weeks & even months away from our husbands.
those of us that do spend the baseball season with our guys have found ourselves packing up our lives to fit in a car, moving at lease 2-3 times per year. spend a lot of time by ourselves. walk into a huge stadium alone, not knowing a single person until you get sat in the friends & family section to awkwardly introduce yourself to 10 other beautiful wives that already know each other. plenty of us have wasted money on breaking leases because a trade happened without a clue which usually means re-locating within a day or two. moving back-and-forth across the country to support our husbands while we so proudly watch them live their dream. it can be stressful.

 i like to think that we (wives of baseball players) play a huge part in our husbands career, we're their best friend, support system, their comfort & their constant. while things in baseball can change in a split second, i know that one thing remains the same, i'll always be by my husbands side. and, while being the wife of a professional baseball player can be tough sometimes, most of the time it's pretty effing amazing!

(...can you tell what kind of conversation i got into today? this is not be complaining. just venting.)