Ice cream for dinner?

Tonight I had ice cream for dinner.
Not the healthiest choice but a damn good one. 
When you're still living in a hotel & your lights have to be out when baby goes to sleep & that also means no cooking... You have no choice but to eat what's in the freezer.
That's the nice thing about being pregnant... You don't really look fat. You just look pregnant & more pregnant.

{It's always a good idea to not feel guilty or regret decisions like this. Embrace them & be happy.}


Hello, Toledo

Just like most other good things, they sometimes come to an end. LK got sent down from the major leagues a couple days ago so yesterday Levi & myself made the journey from Florida up to Toledo, Ohio. Luckily, husband was there to travel with us yesterday making things a lot easier for me since flying with a 1 year old & 6.5 month baby bump proved to be a little challenging- the climbing all over me while sitting in our seat part was not cool.
In coming up to Toledo I knew that we did not have a place to live. We are staying in a hotel for the next week in hopes that we can find a more permanent place to live In the mean time. Finding a month-to-month or a short term lease has been quite the challenge. It's not looking good so far but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Living in a hotel suite that includes a sitting area with a small kitchen & refrigerator wouldn' be so bad, especially since they have a laundry room & breakfast buffet every morning. Insert a baby & that makes things a lot more complicated. Last night we ate our dinner huddled up on the floor in the bathroom area, we used a laundry basket as our table & hid from Levi so that he would go to sleep. It took him an hour and a half. After standing up in his pack-n-play, talking to us & laughing at us he finally fell asleep. I'm really hoping tonight goes a lot smoother.
While half of our belongings are still in storage at the baseball field & we have no toys to play with, you can just find us taking frequent walks around the outdoor shopping mall across the street. Thank goodness there is a Starbucks & children's play area.

Yours truly,