coconut oil

let's talk about the skinny on coconut oil. 
i'm convinced that coconut oil is the best hidden secret (...that isn't really that much of a secret). if you aren't already using this amazing stuff as a multi-purpose product, you need to start now.
look for certified organic virgin (unrefined) coconut oil.
it's great for in the kitchen, health & beauty!

1. cooking with coconut oil:  
use in place of butter & oil.  try putting a tablespoon in your hot coffee, a swipe on your toast, use to saute' veggies.  there are tons of ways you can cook with coconut oil. 
a lot of oils require you to cook at a lower/ medium heat, coconut oil is a great alternative to that because it's safe to cook with at high temps. 

populations that eat the most coconut are the healthiest! good to know, right?!

2. health benefits of coconut oil: 
metabolism booster: 2 tablespoons a day can increase your energy level & burn fat!!
 daily consumption is shown to improve thyroid function
improves cholesterol & can lower risk of heart disease
the lauric acid in coconut oil can fight off viruses & infection

3. beauty uses for coconut oil: 
use as an all-over body moisturizer 
make-up remover
anti-inflammatory: ie; use on pimples, redness & puffiness
can fade age spots
dry feet treatment: rub on as a moisturizer or mix with warm water & soak feet
use as a leave in conditioner treatment for hair

*mommies: use coconut oil as a diaper rashes cream to improve skin health, can help prevent stretch marks, use as nipple cream during breast feeding

coconut oil can also be beneficial for your furry friend!  > read this

if all of this info doesn't make you want to use this stuff then you're cray!,

simple workout: 21-15-9

air squats

21-15-9 of each


two ingredient pancakes

okay, i know these "pancakes" don't even look like pancakes. i really need to work on the shape of these guys. but i don't care what these little gems look like because they taste delish!

i first saw this recipe on pintrest & then quickly noticed it showing up on a bunch of health blogs. 
bottom line... try it!

it's quick, easy, healthy, delicious & only two ingredients! literally, just eggs & banana. 

here's what i did:
1 soft banana
2 eggs

smash banana & add in two eggs, whisk the ingredients until smooth. 
heat a tsp. of coconut oil in a pan over medium heat.
pour in pancake mix, flip when pancake begins to bubble.

i topped my pancakes with a sprinkle of cinnamon & a few berries. 
i opted not to use syrup because they were perfect without but, if you need syrup with your pancakes make sure to use an organic grade a or b maple syrup. 

simple workout: 50-50

50 push-ups
(modify on knees if you can't do strict push-ups) 

50 air squats


simple workouts intro

i've created this section of the blog mostly for my mama.
since i'm now spending most of my time out of town & out of state this is how i plan to keep her inspired to workout on the daily with "simple workout" ideas.

maybe you can benefit too. 

warning: most of these workouts will be short but probably not sweet.

i spent the last two years in crossfit (bgi crossfit in west palm beach is the shit!) so alot of these workouts will represent what i learned there minus olympic lifting. prior to crossfit i've worked out with trainers, done spin & pilates classes. 

i am in no way, shape or form certified to teach any fitness type classes, these are simply workout ideas. 

i hope these simple workouts inspire you to get off your ass & sweat!

seattle: first visit

 {pike place market}

a couple of weeks ago husband had one of his occassional "off-days" & we decided to spend the afternoon in seattle. that was my first time in the city & i immediately fell in love.
i can really appreciate city-life. like, i would be able to live the city life. first thing i noticed & felt when we started to walk around was the cleanliness. i mean... these people really take care of this city. 

anyway, we only saw a super small part of seattle but that's okay because i plan on going back. 

{every color tulip you can imagine}

{beecher's: amazing cheese selection!}

{truffle cheese from beecher's equals deliciousness}

{cheese + vino = heaven}


80/20 rule

so, the other day i was doing some internet research on the victoria's secret models, ya know, just tryin' to peep their diet & exercise routine, because lets face it, they all have smokin' hot bods. i found a quote that i immediately fell in love with because it really reflects how i like to live my life.

Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr said, “I adopt the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy and organic, 20% indulgent and that works for me and my body personally. I indulge occasionally and avoid counting calories.”

makes total sense, right?! 
i love living a clean & healthy lifestyle most of the time but not all of the time. if i have a couple of cocktails today, i may opt out tomorrow. if i'm making pizza for dinner, i'll use organic ingredients & make sure to add a ton of veggies. when i skip a workout, i walk my pup for an hour. 
for me, it's all about balance & not restricting myself 100% of the time. because... how much fun would that be?!



a few of my favorite things

{i can't get over this situation}

rowdy & i have been in florida for the last couple of weeks visiting my parents & sister. 
i miss my family like crazy when i'm not here but i cannot wait get back to husband in washington in a few days. 
i've been missing my favorite dude. 

{man candle}

{i know that cheese turns to cottage cheese in my legs but this ^ is delish & a favorite snack}

{the most handsome little best friend i have- so in love with my pup}


tulip festival #3

hi! final tulip fest post. promise.

the picture below, the lone ranger, was a full field the week prior to me being there. 

the fields filled with rows & rows of tulips were my favorite.
 each row looks like it goes on forever into the horizon. 
every row is perfectly lined, every tulip stands up perfectly straight. 


happy mother's day

happy mother's day to the most wonderful woman i know!
 you're not only my mom but also my best friend.
i don't know where i'd be in this life without you.  
you're gorgeous on the outside & just as beautiful on the inside. 



he's a miniature dachshund

can we talk about how sweet my little rowdy boy is for a minute?!
he is the best little cuddler when husband's not around. 
he's my little walking, discover-the-city buddy. 
tennis balls are his happiness. 
he can play soccer (but he needs 2 balls)! 
he has 20 toys & plays with all of them. 
i've made him my travel partner, even though he prefers to stay put. 
he's always so excited to see me and that makes my heart full. 

i think he's so handsome. i love him. he's my favorite pup.  
and... sorry i'm not sorry that y'all have to hear about him so much! 


barn envy

these pictures were taken mostly for my husband. 
he has huge plans for the barn of his dreams. he wants a barn so bad that he'd be happy living in it.
i'm sure he wants a practical barn that is fully functioning for all of his "guy" needs. blah, blah, blah

me? i can apreesh a beautiful old barn sitting quietly out in an open field. 
so, here ya go husband, my inspiration for your barn...


a few of my favorite things

{my cinco de mayo drink of choice- corona with lime}

so, the pup & i are in florida for almost three weeks visiting my british family that are in town, spending time with my parents & sister, and getting as much vitamin d as possible. 
so far, we've had minimal gym time, a few late nights,  lots of games & plenty of cocktails. 
sad for the brits to leave today but beyond excited that i got to spend time with them. 
family time is always a good time!

{my attempt at a cinco outfit- it's floral, it's flowy & it works!}

{rowdy watching & wishing he could swim}

{nap time & a sandy nose}