bumpdate: 33 weeks

{33 week bumpdate}

if there is ever a good time for a selfie, now is it, i guess?!
i know, i know, the bathroom wallpaper is great too.

a week ago we left home in texas & began our drive to arizona for spring training. it should be a quiet few weeks since we are living in a 55 & up community.

today marks 33 weeks of pregnancy & i can tell that baby boy is getting bigger. he's moving around a ton, i can feel his little hiccups (cutest thing ever!) & i can definitely tell where his feet are because they tend to be in my ribcage. with a growing baby comes a growing bump which makes for more discomforts...  uncomfy sleeps, an itchy belly & not being able to bend over all the way. i'm still not complaining though, because i have had a very easy & pleasurable pregnancy so far- added bonus: i haven't had to buy any maternity clothes.

with sleepless nights comes a lot of time to think. there are a couple of things that i'm beginning to get anxious about. the first, is knowing that Logan & i will have to share each other with a new little life.
 having a baby is an exciting time & believe me, i am so excited to meet this baby boy & fall in love with him, but i'm also starting to mourn the fact that life will not be just Logan & i (and Rowdy) anymore. since i'm heading to florida on march 16th to get ready to have the baby, these are the last few weeks that we have as just us. in the meantime, i'm really trying to enjoy & savor every single moment that we have together.