coconut H2O

Lately, I've been obsessed with O.N.E. coconut water. A few weeks ago while shopping at Whole Foods, I randomly decided to pick one up. The large mountain of a display looked so deliciously refreshing. How could I resist? Since purchasing my first one, I've been hooked. Here are some of the benefits of drinking coconut water:

1. Hydration: contains all five electrolytes found in the blood, including calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.
2. 100% pure, no added ingredients.
3. Optimum body functioning: coconut water contains alkaline, which soothes and balances our systems.
4. Support during pregnancy and lactation.
5. Essential when children are sick.
6. Revitalizes
7. The definitive sports drink. Coconut water naturally replaces electrolytes and glucose lost during exercise.
8. A great way to stay hydrated during travel.
9. A natural beauty boost, keeps beautiful soft, supple and smooth. It can even be used on a cotton ball as a toner to sooth and refresh skin. (How awesome is that!!)
10. A hangover helper. (I will be sure to keep this in mind after a night of cocktails!!)

After doing a little research on coconut water I was surprised by all of the benefits. I now keep my refrigerator stocked! Get more information here.


debbie harry

Debbie Harry is considered one of the 70's fashion icons. Although her style is a little too 'rock star' for what I normally wear, she just seems so cool, which makes her a constant inspiration for me. I love the style of the 70's and I'm really excited that a lot of the fashion today is still channeling it. 


strawberry blonde

{Strawberry Blonde Shoes, Nails: Essie Status Symbol}

I don't wear ballet flats very often, they make me feel short and stubby, I'm only 5'5. I love this pair for three reasons; they were hand-made by my friend (visit her website here), they're very comfortable, the lime green color surprisingly looks good with almost everything. 


gucci, please.


Oh my gosh, this is the most beautiful bag. Definitely on my wish list...


Tuesday's tea bag.

Be kind and compassionate and the whole world will be your friend. 

{Us in Belize}




Due to last weeks festivities, friends visiting for the week and St. Patrick's Day, we decided to take it easy this weekend. With that being said, I barely left the apartment. I was able to get caught up on household chores, reading, and was at home to enjoy the super-moon on Saturday night. This is what the super-moon looked like from my view.  

monday morning inspiration.

When I sat down to have my tea this morning, hanging from the end of the tea bag string was a sweet little note. It reads: Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have.
 I smiled. What a nice way to start the day.  


status symbol.

{Essie: Status Symbol}

As I said in a previous post (here) I'm a sucker for nail polish. I don't necessarily like the entire process of  cutting, filing and painting my nails myself but I love the end result. Pretty nails. In lieu of the first day of spring I decided to go with a bright pink. 



Kate Moss is stunningly beautiful. She's my favorite; alongside Gisele. I found her full 90 second Dior Addict advertisement on Fashionista.com today. Definitely worth your 90 seconds. Definitely fabulous. Check it out 

simply beautiful.

{American Apparel Circa 2004}

I love everything about this photo; I think it's simple and beautiful. The article/ slide show is from Fashionista.com. It's about the evolution of American Apparel's most provocative ad's from 1995. See the rest here.


GO international.

I am so excited that Go International is back at Target! I love that these highly sought after designers collaborate with Target in order to give us amazing fashion at very affordable prices! Here are a few favorites that are on my wish list: 

{Erin Fetherston}






click here to see all designers and styles. Enjoy!


the floppy hat.

{clockwise from the top: Echo, Helene Berman, Aqua, Forever 21}

The floppy hat is a summer trend that continues to come back year after year. Pairing one of these with any ensamble makes a woman look effortlessly sexy. A floppy hat is a super chic way to block your skin from harmful UV rays. With so many different colors, sizes and styles there is one for everyone! I am currently trying to find the perfect one for myself. Once I find it I will obssesively wear it all summer long. 


Sand Tropez

{clockwise from top: kisses and bises, sand tropez, coat azure, nice is nice, topless and barefoot, french affair}

 I'm a sucker for nail polish, especially Essie! I enjoy having my nails and toes painted in the prettiest colors of the season. I am in love with Essie's new spring collection! My favorite... Sand Tropez. Check them out here

Images courtesy of Essie.com


first post.

I've been contemplating the idea of starting a fashion/ lifestyle blog for some time now... Today I decided to officially do it. Now, I find myself sitting here trying to come up with the perfect first post. How does one decide on the perfect first post?! I decided to just start typing. My name is Liege' (pronounced like the second half of the word negligee, neg- ligee, ligee = Liege'). I'm 26 years old. I love fashion. I love life. Both my life and style are forever changing, evolving. Here it is.