my view

{owl candle}

my view: Do you ever have those moments where you just sit there for a few minutes & think about how wonderful life is?! I know, some days are tougher than others but that's what keep it exciting & keeps us engaged. Ultimately this life we have is pretty awesome. I believe that happiness is a choice, just like most other things in life are a choice, right? We can control our own happiness. I believe in choosing to be happy. 

{coffee table books & spring candle}


St Patty's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed some kind of St. Patrick's Day festivities. Not only did I celebrate St. Patty's Day but I also celebrated a dear friends engagement. I have never met two people that love this green holiday almost as much as they love each other! The engagement party was a blast & like years past this St. Patrick's Day was another one for the books. We celebrated by wearing green, drinking green beer & eating corned beef & cabbage... St. Patty's Day perfection. 


orange nails

I recently bought this China Glaze orange nail polish & I love it! The color is called Breakin'. I also bought a Revlon quick dry top coat; my nails dried in three minutes! I am usually so impatient when I paint my nails, it never fails, I always smudge them. But not this time!

side note: First thing I said to myself this morning was, "I can't wait to get back in bed tonight." I agree, kinda sad. But I love my sleep! Am I the only one that has that thought when the alarm goes off at the crack of dawn?! I sure hope not. Needless to say, I'm happy to be getting in bed a little earlier tonight.

another side note: I have a new camera lens to play with this weekend. EXCITED!   


spring forward


i know, spring forward happened, what, four days ago now? i heard on the news that it takes the average person about five days to adjust to these time changes that happen twice a year. i can't figure out if my body is battling off a cold or if i'm taking my five days of adjusting this time around?! i wish i could just hurry up and figure this out because the last few days i have not felt myself. i couldn't be happier that longer days are upon us. not to mention, i get to see a really pretty sunrise every morning while i eat my breakfast. (it just seems so darn dark when my alarm goes off at 6am!!


sleepy town

{bed & breakfast}

Brandenton, FL is a sleepy town compared to what I'm used to on the east coast of Florida in Juno Beach. There are a lot of historical houses, a quaint little bed & breakfast, a quiet marina & cooler weather. 

{pretty front lawn where they have weddings every weekend}


{perfect pier for morning walks}

{protesters protesting the war}