eating colors for health

 we all know by now that eating clean & organic is always the way to go when possible. processed foods, fast-food & sugars are just not healthy for us.

what is healthy? 
a moderate amount of lean protein, tons of fruits & veggies, a moderate amount of healthy carbs. 
eating clean tends to make us feel better about our bodies, gives us energy & is good for our skin & beauty. add in some exercise & you're living a healthy lifestyle! 

side note: carbs release serotonin so do not cut carbs out of your diet completely. you'll get very sad. it's a fact. there are studies that prove this. 

 eating colors for health:

{white = immune support}
examples: cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, onion, potato, beans

{green = detoxification}
examples: edemame, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, peppers, limes, green apples, green onion, green beans

{yellow = beauty}
examples: pineapple, squash, banana, lemons, yellow peppers

{orange = cancer prevention}
examples: oranges, grapefruit, orange pepper, sweet potato, carrot, mango, papaya, cantaloupe, pumpkin

{red = heart health}
examples: strawberries, cherries, red pepper, radish, apple, tomato, berries, beans


a little more than half way

as all-star break approaches [today], we are a little more than half way through the baseball season. most wives & families begin to look forward to the off-season to go home & unwind with family & friends. 
For me, i'm currently reflecting on what has been the best year of my life. if you've read my previous post here you know that this year i left my job, family & home in florida to travel with my husband. hands down, best decision that we have ever made. while i was equally nervous, scared, anxious & excited, i had secretly been waiting for the day when husband would ask me to travel/ live with him year- round. 
i was a little nervous about leaving my home in florida, my first house that i had just finished decorating. i was sad to leave my parents, sister & friends. mostly my parents & sister since we are so close that you basically have to pry us apart. 
i thought i'd get home-sick. i try to act like i love change & am good at it but most of the time i'm not. i take time to get comfortable. 
honestly, i was predicting one of those major breakdowns where i just stood in the shower & cried for no reason & every reason all at the same time. 
here we are three months later: i never got home-sick & i haven't cried once. 
this doesn't mean that i don't miss having dinner with my parents a couple of times every week. this does not mean that i don't miss sleep-overs with my sister. this doesn't mean that i don't miss my florida house. this doesn't mean that i don't miss my friends. this doesn't mean that i don't crave the sand & ocean like it's a drug. 
what this does mean though, is home really is where ever i am with my husband. all along, i thought i was home. this is what home really feels like. i literally live in the moment every day, more than i ever did before. this is home, here, with my husband & our little pup.