home is...

home is wherever i'm with you. 
today, i left my job & will be packing up our florida home to head out west to be with my husband. i can not wait! and, when i say west, i mean as far west as you can get in the united states- tacoma/seattle, washington.
since 2006, when we met, every year, we have always spent some period of time apart from each other. last year, our first year as husband & wife we spent most of the year apart. it was a tough gig. now that we have a puppy involved... rowdy needs to see his dad, right?!
husband tends to be a little more spontanious than me (ok, fine, a lot more spontaneous!) ... which is why practically, the day before he left for baseball season he asked me to quit my job, pack up my life as i currently know it, pup too & travel with him this season. as awesome as it sounded it took me a moment (or a while) to make the final decision: the date i was going to move. 
the thought of moving stuff from the florida house, so that it can be rented furnished, to the texas house, sounded so overwhelming at first. packing up a house full of stuff & driving it 24 hours across a few states, with a puppy, in a jacked-up tahoe that gets 10 miles to the gallon on a good day, pulling a u-haul, to get to texas, unpack everything, return this u-haul situation & then fly to washington state with 6 months worth of stuff. 
fast-forward 2 months & i'm packing/taking the bare minimun. if it doesn't fit in the tahoe, it ain't comin'. 

i'm a little sad to leave my home in florida. but, i am so excited to start this new chapter in our lives & marriage.

cheers to new adventures,

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