tacoma, wa: hilltop kitchen

{913 mlk jr way}

i know, i know... when you see martin luther king blvd, way, st you automatically think this establishment is in the ghetto. we live downtown so it can be a little questionable in certain areas but i'm tellin' ya, hilltop kitchen is not ghetto. it's a little hipster & a lot fab. this is the last time i'm allowed to say this becasue i've said it too much but, i love this place. i'm really excited that we found this hidden gem.  it's literally a hidden gem. it does not say 'hilltop kitchen' out front. no huge marquee sign letting you know it's here. they're modest. the only indication that lets you know you're at the right place is the number 913 outside. 
the music lively. the drinks will get you tipsy. the first drink i had was the 'surfboard'- delish, the second drink i had was also delish but i'm a little unclear on the name... i believe it was the 'xoxo'
i also believe the mixoligist is a beyonce/sean carter fan... check out the drink menu & you'll understand why. 
for dinner, i had the 48 hour pork. i'd try it if i were you.


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