tacoma, wa: cheney stadium

{cheney stadium}

this is where i will be spending a lot of time over the next few months. annnnd, i couldn't be more excited about that!

i went to my first baseball game this season a few nights ago & the little butterflies i felt in my stomach made me feel even more happy about our decision for me to be here this season. there is no doubt in my mind that this is where i need to be but these amazing little signs i keep getting are making it harder & harder for me to feel homesick. 

i always get asked the question, "are you a huge baseball fan since your husband plays?!" my response usually goes something like this... "i'm a really huge fan of my husband, his biggest fan to be exact. but, i'm not the kind of chick that knows all the players stats & everything going on with every team in mlb & milb. i have a great appreciation for baseball & respect the game but i think you become a different kind of fan when you're involved in it like we are."

i love watching baseball. i thoroughly enjoy sitting in the stands at the stadium watching a game. a game that goes without rain delays is ideal, please & thank you- we've already experienced a few of those here. it's really fun to watch the game when you know the guys on the line-up. i watch a game & can understand everything going on. but... occasionally i have questions about a call or a play. i still have a lot to learn & i'm okay with that. 

{inspiration in the summit club}

{look closely: mt. rainier}

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