Keratin Perfect

Over the weekend, I made a trip to Sephora (dangerous!). I had no idea that you could buy a do-it-yourself keratin treatment kit?! Since this one was a lot less expensive than going to the salon I decided to try it. I put the treatment in my hair on Sunday night and I'm washing it out tomorrow morning (I'm half way through the waiting period). I am excited to see the results. My hair is on the thicker side and pretty wavy, livivng in Florida, my hair gets frizzy in the summer. The keratin perfect promises to make my hair smoother for about 30 days. I will post about the results tomorrow. As for right now, I can not wait to wash my hair in the morning!


Light Layers

The long flowing skirt trend, as well as floral print, are both huge right now. I thought this skirt was a great combination of both. It's slightly A-line and a little longer in the back. I love the light layers and sweet floral print.  


DIY: Custom Candle Decor

I started thinking that my dining room table candle holders were looking a little bland, especially with the white candles. When I was at the craft store I bought some leopard print wire edge ribbon (good for molding in place) to wrap around the base of the candle holders. I went with the leopard print simply because I love leopard print any thing. I'm excited that I have a new, easy and fun way to re-decorate my candle holders for every season and holiday.

Choose your favorite wire edge ribbon, wrap ribbon around candle holder and pinch corners to mold into place. 


Light from Above

Last night, my boyfriend and I sat on our balcony for a couple of hours to watch a lightning storm. It's been quite a while since I've seen one so vibrant that has lasted so long. Basically two straight hours of pure lightning, it was amazing. Out of the 300 pictures we took, a couple of them came out very impressive, we thought. 


The Perfect Face

{left: undercover pot, right: oil free tinted moisturizer}

If you're like me, a layer of moisturizer, followed by a layer of foundation and then a layer powder is just way too much for face make-up. I like to keep things light. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is a great alternative; it's light weight and can be used in place of foundation (it has spf 20 too!). 
The Undercover Pot is a 3 in 1 and great to have on-hand for emergencies. Under the top cover is the Secret Camouflage and the Secret Concealer. Both of these work great for the under eye area and surprise blemishes. On the bottom is the translucent powder which is great for setting make-up and adds a smooth finish.  


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl stylist/ head costume designer, Eric Daman is THE man. Every time I watch an episode of Gossip Girl I find myself obsessing over the wardrobe. I've been known to pause the t.v. just to get a longer glimpse of the amazing outfits. If there was one closet in the world that I could raid, besides the Vogue closet, the Gossip Girl closet would be it. I'm more a Serena girl myself, I love her fun, quirky, not so conservative style... Who's your favorite? 


Feelin' Peachy

I recently bought this Joie top and fell in love. It's light-weight, which is perfect for the hot, hot weather we've been having here in South Florida {the heat is here until October!}. The high neck line and smooth texture makes a great silhouette for a pile of gold chains. The peach and white stripes remind me of one of my favorite childhood summer treats, Creamsicle Popsicles


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Sailfish Marina

Today, to celebrate Mother's Day, we took my mom to the Sailfish Marina for brunch. The dockside restaurant is your typical Florida style restaurant; beautiful views of the Intercoastal and nearly every menu item contains some type of seafood. During our hour wait to be seated this morning, we walked up and down the dock admiring the immaculate yachts, spotted colorful fish in the water and sipped our favorite before noon cocktail- Malibu and orange juice. It was the perfect day. 


Eat Like Me

I eat healthy most of the time, especially during the week (except the occasional bowl of ice cream and my taco's and margarita's last night in lieu of Cinco de Mayo), and breakfast is very important for me, as it should be for you. I like to eat light in the morning, my breakfast usually consists of what you see in the picture, but for dinner I like to experiment with different recipes. I read Eat Like Me: Self.com on a daily basis for new ideas and healthy facts. 


Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, one of my favorite holiday's to celebrate because I always know we'll be eating Mexican food and sipping on Margarita's. Here is some Cinco de Mayo inspiration to get you ready for the festivities. 


Gift Ideas for Mama

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, May 8th. Here are some gifts that I am currently eyeing for my Mama. 

Illume "Mango Jasmine" Boho Scented Candle Jar $35 Bloomingdales

Malta Lantern $22 - $79 Pottery Barn

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne $105 Nordstrom

Monogrammed Mini Market Tote $29.95 The Monogram Divas 

Philosophy "wild blackberry blossom" Body Lotion $24 Nordstrom