gruene winery (final gruene post, promise!)

If you ever visit Gruene, Texas you have to come to the winery! They have a variety of delish wine to choose from, as well as, the most wonderful & rustic atmosphere- perfect for a group of girl friends or for a sweet date. 

{i was with a girl friend & her little one}


gruene hall

Gruene hall, built in 1878, is known as the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas. A plethora of Texas musicians & legendary country singers have performed on this historic stage. 

... you can't leave without grabbin' a Lone Star...


gruene, texas

Here are some pictures from a day spent in the historic Gruene, Texas. It's quaint, historic & absolutely stunning. The Gruene River Grill is a must- order the jalapeno crawfish chowder & shrimp won tons!


st. barths

{the streets are so quaint & beautiful}

{local defender 90}

{Husband & I}


October 2, 2013

October 2nd was my second favorite day in 2013 (my first was our first wedding anniversary!) because we welcomed our new little pup into our home. He has the funniest personality & sweetest cuddles. We can't imagine our family without him.