happy Easter!

{chocolate bunny?! ... don't mind if i do!}

{tulips & yellow roses... gorgeous!}

So thankful to be spending the day with great friends & family! Awesome bonus?!: my boyfriend got to come home for the day!

Happy Easter!


DIY: wine bottle flower vase

{recycled wine bottle, plenty of those around here!}

{vintage white paint}

{soak the labels off of wine bottle & paint two coats}

{pour glitter on wine bottle while paint is wet}

{fill the finished product with fresh flowers!}


newly acquired: 5/48

Perfect for the spring/summer! We usually skip right into summer, here, in Florida!


weekend pictures

I spent my weekend in Bradenton... a few things we did:

- Ate out for breakfast, lunch & dinner! No, not all in one day.

- Went to Seafood Fest & got caught in the rain! (no pictures due to the rain)

- Watched 3 movies on Saturday & I stayed awake for all 3! Yes, that's a huge accomplishment for me.

- Got in a little pool time today.