getting to where we're going

"stress is casued by giving a f*ck"
-it's unclear to me who quoted this but i'm pretty sure someone did

{^ this is just the beginning of this situation}

right when i thought i was handling everything okay, i thought i was completely organized & i wasn't going to get stressed, i began giving a fuck. i was hungry but couldn't eat. i was in a daze.

the tahoe was full & i still had things that needed to be out of the house. but, i stuck to my rule- if it can't fit in the tahoe, it can't come. so, i ended up leaving a bunch of clothes at my parents house. not what i planned on doing but such is life. 
my sweet mom helped me clean the house & pack the tahoe as full as i could get it. 
 i had everything i needed for rowdy. but i was worried about him being in the car for 24 hours. 
i already had my stuff packed for washington but do i have enough?

the drive to texas was a long one. my dad donated 24 hours of his life to me that he will never get back and i'm so thankful for that. i tried to make the drive as fast as possible, taking most of the driving responsibility while he comforted the pup. 

all along, it still feels as if i'm going on vacation.
i still feel like i'm going back to work.

we get to texas before the sun came up on saturday morning, which was my goal. rowdy adjusted surprisingly well to being in the texas house. which made my heart happy & eased a little of my stress. as soon as we get to texas & unpack the tahoe i immediately begin to think about our (rowdy & i) flight to washington. 

the few days spent with my dad in texas were very special & went by very fast. blink-of-an-eye fast. 

i know my dog is just a dog but he's a living being. and i worry about him, i worry that he's going to be okay flying for the first time, okay in a new state with a completely new environment & weather change. he's a puppy so it's a little hard to tell him what's going on & know that he understands. more importantly, forgives me for putting him through hell for the last few days. it's stressful. 

rowdy did not travel well at all. he had a panic attack on the flight. bit through his travel bag. i stood in the back of the plane with the flight attendants the entire flight. they let me hold him on my lap for the landing because he refused to get back in his bag. it was 100% miserable for him & it broke my heart a little. i am beyond thankful that the staff on alaska airlines were so sweet & understanding. i will fly that airline every time i can because of their unbelievable customer service!

but... we made it to seattle and we are so happy to be here! rowdy & i were both crazy excited to see our favorite guy! hugging husband for the first time in two months reminded me why i give a fuck & made the stress go away instantly. 


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