tacoma, wa: the rock pizza

in florida, we have coal fired pizza places all over town. i never knew that wood fired pizza actually existed, but then again, i guess i never really thought about it that much. i prefer coal/wood fired pizza to just regular oven pizza mostly because i like my crust crispy. i love pizza & it's definitely one of my favorite foods. 
i try not to eat it too often because apparently it's not healthy for you?... i'm little confused on that & still not convinced. i'm a healthy eater, so when i see a food that offers me grains, a little bit of dairy (who doesn't love cheese?!), vegetables & protein that just screams all things greatness! ya know what else is great? leftover's for breakfast. 

i love pizza & hell yes!, the rock pizza in tacoma is pretty damn good. i'm so glad we have this little gem close by. 

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