tacoma, wa: cafe' elite

{cafe' elite: drive-thru coffee}

so, now that i'm here in tacoma with husband my daily routine has changed slightly. or completely.
we only have one car here so i drop him off at the stadium everyday & i'm usually there after the game to go home with him. 
so far, i have found a lot of little coffee places that i want to try. because ... coffee is the thing out here in the pacific northwest, didn't you know that? 
being from florida, i'm used to having mostly starbucks & dunkin donuts on every corner. every now-and-then we throw in a small little wi-fi coffee cafe'. 
here, in washington! ... small little coffee houses everywhere. and they all look different. this morning, after dropping husband off at work, i tried my first little drive-thru coffee house. since the coffee du jour was a banana hazelnut latte i figured why the heck not?... it was delicious & not super sweet which made me really happy. 

if ever in the area look 'em up!

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