tacoma, wa: duke's

{duke's chowder house: 3327 ruston way}

it doesn't happen often but husband had a day off the other day. we spent most of the afternoon in seattle & decided to try duke's on the way home. we made it in time for happy hour! - thank goodness because it's voted the best in town. 
i was pleasantly surprised by their happy hour menu, it had quite a variety of food & bevy's.
he drank beer. i had a moscow mule (it was aight) & orange mojito which i loved. 
we tried calamari steak strips for the first time & basically died because they were so good. why do restaurants even sell regular calamari? it should be a crime. the calamari steak strips are just what they sound like. tender not chewy strips of a calamari steak. i'm going back just for these. 
oh, and the chowder was pretty good too. 

{rowdy was ready for a drink}

cheers bitches,

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