coconut oil

let's talk about the skinny on coconut oil. 
i'm convinced that coconut oil is the best hidden secret (...that isn't really that much of a secret). if you aren't already using this amazing stuff as a multi-purpose product, you need to start now.
look for certified organic virgin (unrefined) coconut oil.
it's great for in the kitchen, health & beauty!

1. cooking with coconut oil:  
use in place of butter & oil.  try putting a tablespoon in your hot coffee, a swipe on your toast, use to saute' veggies.  there are tons of ways you can cook with coconut oil. 
a lot of oils require you to cook at a lower/ medium heat, coconut oil is a great alternative to that because it's safe to cook with at high temps. 

populations that eat the most coconut are the healthiest! good to know, right?!

2. health benefits of coconut oil: 
metabolism booster: 2 tablespoons a day can increase your energy level & burn fat!!
 daily consumption is shown to improve thyroid function
improves cholesterol & can lower risk of heart disease
the lauric acid in coconut oil can fight off viruses & infection

3. beauty uses for coconut oil: 
use as an all-over body moisturizer 
make-up remover
anti-inflammatory: ie; use on pimples, redness & puffiness
can fade age spots
dry feet treatment: rub on as a moisturizer or mix with warm water & soak feet
use as a leave in conditioner treatment for hair

*mommies: use coconut oil as a diaper rashes cream to improve skin health, can help prevent stretch marks, use as nipple cream during breast feeding

coconut oil can also be beneficial for your furry friend!  > read this

if all of this info doesn't make you want to use this stuff then you're cray!,

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