healthy reasons to cook with bacon grease

{two eggs with asparagus & crushed red pepper}

i use bacon grease to cook my eggs. it adds a little more protein & some essential vitamins to my brekky: 

if you're like me, you probably love anything to do with bacon. 
good news!, bacon is actually pretty healthy. in moderation, of course.

- protein found in bacon is valuable to maintaining our energy
-  bacon can potentially lower blood pressure & blood sugar levels
- bacon is full of choline which helps increase memory & intelligence
- bacon is packed with b vitamins; including b12!!
- protein to fat balance is 4 to 1, highest protein to fat balance found in any meat or fish

if you're making bacon for breakfast save the grease...
cooking with bacon grease from grass-fed, wild animals is a healthy alternative to cooking with butter & oils. 
vitamin b12 is found in bacon grease & it is also essential for the human body. our body does not reproduce b12 naturally so try to get it any way you can. it gives us more energy & make us happy!

helpful hint: bake your bacon in the oven. it's a game changer!

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