happy birthday, rowdy!

happy 1st birthday to the most handsome little guy i know!

rowdy came to us on october 2, 2013- the second best day of my life (first: wedding day).
i seriously cannot imagine life without him. 
this little pup has changed our lives in more ways than one. 

he has the best little personality & is constantly making us laugh. he is so smart which unfortunately keeps us on our toes. 

he loves to play with his toys, all of them, especially the ones that squeak. tennis balls are his absolute favorite. he really enjoys playing soccer but he has to have one toy in his mouth in order to be able to dribble a ball- so weird, but true!! 

he doesn't love his baths but he's learned to cooperate. 
he knows when he hears the row-dy, row-dy, row-dy chant that it's time to eat and he gets super excited!  

he's an athlete and will conquer any walk you take him on. 
 he's a beach-bum at heart. 
he loves running around with any dog that will chase & play with him. 

he always has to take a toy to bed with him and usually spoons it while he sleeps. he sleeps in his own bed most of the time but prefers to sleep in ours. 
i literally tuck him into bed every night & i'm not ashamed to admit that. 

rowdy, mama never knew she could love a puppy as much as she loves you!!
happy birthday, boy!

{the rowdy house- first christmas prezzy from his grandparents}

{rowdy's favorite hangout spot during the holiday's}

{it was his first christmas... i had to!}

{he's always ready for a treat}

{puppy face}

{are you kidding me with that tongue}

{my little snuggle bug}

{o. m. g.}

{rowdy's favorite sunbathing spot in our florida house}

{he's got the biggest stick on the beach!}

{beach days with him are the best days}

{loves his toys}

{likes to spoon}

{my boys.}

{they melt my heart}

{tennis balls make his world go 'round... he loves them!!}

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