cougar mountain wildland park

for those of us involved in baseball we know that having an off-day, an actual day off, is rare. they come around maybe once a month. when the guys have a day off it's a big deal & most of us take full advantage! 
yesterday, we packed up a lunch & the pup & went hiking in cougar mountain wildland park. we spent 6 hours hiking about 8 miles of trails. we saw a few waterfalls, lots of snails, crossed a few beautiful bridges, gazed up at the tree canopies & worked our booty off hiking through the mountain. we walked through some of the most gorgeous trees i have ever seen. the trees here, in washington, are green & huge!!

 {these little legs lasted all 6 hours!}

 {if fairies exist they have to live here.}

 {he was the trail guide}

 {my boys}

{pretty little berries}

{thank goodness they let us know that there are bears following us!! i was nervous.}


{crystal clear, freezing cold water} 

 {crossing bridges}

 {a great big green & quiet place}

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