happy friday the 13th!

{great read if you like a thriller- i can't wait for the movie to be made!}

happy friday the 13th!!

i've always loved celebrating friday the 13th & i get really excited when these occasional fridays come around. maybe it's weird?! ... but it's what i do. 
when i was younger, in lieu of the special occasion, i'd have sleepovers with my sister & friends to have scary movie marathons. we'd rent anything from the original 'jason movies' to 'leprachaun' to 'scream'. our friday night always included pizza, snacks & a ton of candy. we'd pile up the blankets on the living room floor, turn out all of the lights & watch movie after movie, trying to stay up as late as possible. 
over the years, i've kept the tradition of watching horror movies on friday the 13th. nowadays, the sleepovers are usually with my husband or sister. tonight, it's rowdy & i, i'll be spooning my most handsome pup as i watch a thriller. 

i have seen my fair share of horror movies & have compiled a list of my favorites to share with y'all:

paranormal activity
 friday the 13th
nightmare on elm street
the omen
the ring
texas chainsaw massacre
no country for old men
the silence of the lambs
the exorcist
michael meyers movies

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