a message from rowdy

hey dad, i just wanted to wish you a happy father's day!

i know you're on the road working hard for mom & i, we really appreciate everything you do for us. hurry home, please. i've been kind of naughty this road trip. not sure why?? ... just chewin' a lot of stuff & pooped in the house once. mom spanked me & made me sit in my bed alone for a while. i said sorry to her. i asked her to let me type this up real quick before her laptop dies, she can't charge it cause i ate her charger. 

anyway, you're the best dad a pup could ever ask for. seriously, you are! you feed me good food, buy me cool toys, play fetch with me. you take me on really nice walks, not as long as mom's walks, but they're still nice. you pick up my poop which i really appreciate cause i know it's the law here. you're always cool about letting me ride with the window down in the car- mom can be annoying about that. for some reason mom puts me in that crate thing that i absolutely hate, you never put me in it & i love you for that. you're not the one that kicks me out of your bed (...mom) & you're the best cuddler. i love being here in tacoma with you, life just wasn't the same without my dad around. mom is really happy here too. 
dad, thank you for choosing me when you bought a puppy. i promise to be you're best friend for my entire life & i will always love you unconditionally. 

you're dog-son (get it?! dachshund... dog-son. yea, mom thought that was hilarious),

{first time playin' baseball with my dad}

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