lemon water

a few months back, my friend & i decided to try the master cleanse.
it sounded like a wonderful idea while we were reading about it. if you don't know what the master cleanse is, it's a cleanse where you drink a lemon water concoction that includes water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic maple syrup & cayenne pepper. while on the cleanse you are allowed to drink h2o & the lemon water- that's it, no food!
 the cleanse typically lasts anywhere from 3-7 days and then there are those people who have great mental control and push for a longer time frame: 10- 30 days << those people are insane! 

so here we come thinking we're all mentally strong & can handle just drinking water for 3 days.
epic fail. 
we lasted a half of a day.
we called each other crying, begging to eat a piece of chicken before we ate our arm off & completely threw in the towel because we felt like we were going to die.
literally, die.

this chick needs food.

what i did end up doing was starting my day with a lemon water to cleanse my system & jump-start my metabolism.

since moving to washington i had gotten out of the habit of drinking lemon water.
lately, i've been feeling kinda blah & my skin has been gross. for the last few days i've made lemon water apart of my morning ritual & have noticed a huge difference. my skin looks better & i feel better.
you should try it!

here is what i do:
8oz water
half of a lemon squeezed
about 2 tbsp grade a or b organic maple syrup or organic raw honey
1 tsp cayenne pepper or cinnamon

it's delish warm or chilled.

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