portobello lasagna roll-up

lately, i've been craving ( < more on that later! ) pasta at least once a week. my experience with cooking italian dishes is very limited... it usually consists of lots of vegetables, sauce that i doctor up & whole wheat pasta. pretty simple. i don't like to order italian food at restaurants because i'm really picky about how i like my stuff. weird, i know. 

* all of the above ^ does not include pizza. i love pizza, make it at home, eat it out & am willing to try pizza from almost anywhere! pizza, to me, falls under it's own category, not under my italian food category. 

back on topic...
i was scouring the recipe websites for something different to make at home & came across this portobello lasagna roll-up recipe. 
yes, i felt like martha stewart while i was making them. rolling up stuffed lasagna noodles, are you kidding me?! i felt really good about myself after making this dish. 

you should try it!
please feel free to share any great recipes you have!

{i was able to make 12 roll-ups following the recipe}

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