baseball & babies

a lot of the time, when baseball couples are trying to start a family they try to plan the birth of their babies around the baseball season. we all want an 'off-season' baby for obvious reasons... we're at home & the guys don't have to work. 
makes sense, right?
well, in our case, it didn't quite work out like that & our baby boy will be arriving right around the beginning of the baseball season. 
due date: april 17th

all of us in baseball are used to any kind of unique, spur of the moment, plan-ruining, plan- changing  situation. 
so when we hear a different 'birth plan' we don't even bat an eye. 

from everyone else... i get the dreaded 'you poor thing' tone of voice & the question always follows, "so what are you going to do?"

welp... here it goes. the plan. the plan that i know can be changed & rearranged at any given moment by our baby or baseball. 

we aren't 100% sure where we will live this baseball season until the end of march. since baby boy is due april 17th & i need to be in one place for the last four weeks of my pregnancy, instead of going to a new city alone, we have decided that it's best that i go to my parents house in florida.
i fly to florida on march 16th. 
i have a dr that i will see for the last month of my pregnancy & who will deliver the baby. logan gets 3 days off for maternity so as soon as i go into labor he will be on his way. 
a few days after we go home from the hospital, my mom & dad will drive baby boy & i to meet logan wherever we will be living. 

to me, this plan sounds perfect! i get to be at home with my mom & dad, as soon as labor starts logan will quickly fly to florida, we'll go to the hospital together and a few (...) hours later baby boy will hopefully be here. if the plan works out as planned it'll be perfect. 

and if it doesn't...? 
well friends, that's what i'm worried about. that's what i think about when i can't sleep at night.
what if my best friend doesn't make it there, to hold my hand during the biggest event of my (our) life?! 

but it will... it will work out exactly how it's supposed to. 
and however it works out, it's going to be wonderful! 


libys11 said...

it's totally going to be wonderful!

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Hayley Larue said...

Even though the baby is due right when baseball season starts, I'm sure it will totally be worth it in the end! <3