what should i register for?

what should i have on-hand to be baby-ready?! 
what products do i need?! 
what should i put on my baby registry?!

these are questions that were at one point haunting me. i am by no means a baby expert... duh, i haven't even delivered my first one yet! but i did do a ton of research & asked a lot of questions when i was trying to compile a list of must-haves.

i didn't start thinking about what i would need for our baby until around my fourth month, but when i did start thinking about it, i thought about it a lot. i thought about it a lot because being a first time momma i want to do this the practical way. what is practical for our family might be different for yours.
 i did a lot of reading & research on a variety of different products, read mommy blogs, i was even creepy enough to ask strangers what they thought about their stroller if i saw them using one that i was considering. i'll admit, i was overwhelmed, very overwhelmed.
 i was kind of hoping that i'd wake up one day & everything i needed would be sitting in a pile in the living room- that obviously didn't happen.

my list comes from recommendations from friends & family & from the research that i did. 
 i cant speak to personal use on any of these products yet because baby boy isn't here to experiment.

- stroller: we (i) decided to go with the uppababy vista. i wanted a travel system, lightweight, nice size storage & a stroller that could grow with our baby & our family. i read a lot of great things online about this stroller & spoke to a few women that absolutely love it. truth is, there are so many options out there, do your research & find a stroller that will fit your lifestyle needs. 
- jogging stroller: BOB
- infant car seat & base: make sure you have a head support for the car seat. most will come with one.
- fisher price rock & play: we haven't gotten one yet but people rave about them.
- pello floor pillow
- ergo baby 360 carrier
- medela 'instyle' double electric breast pump: before you invest in this fine piece of machinery you may want to check to see if your insurance company will cover one or a portion of one for you.
- medela nursing bottles
- lansinoh hands free pumping bra
- pack & play system
- humidifier: we decided not to get one of these until we need one but a lot of mommas suggested having one on hand.
- nose frida
- bottles: tommee tippee is what i have been recommended the most.
- pacifiers
- dishwasher basket for bottle nipples & pacifiers
- boppy feeding pillow & cover
- burp cloths
- bebe au lait nursing cover
- swaddle blankets: aden & anais muslin blankets. velcro blankets to make swaddling easy.
- receiving blankets
- bumbo seat
- diaper bag: petunia pickle bottom seems like a favorite
- formula dispenser for diaper bag
- insulated bottle tote
- thermometer & first aid kit
- sophie the giraffe
- hamper
- highchair
- boon grass bottle drying rack
- diapers: from what i've learned, your baby will most likely dictate what brand of diapers you use.
- wipes 
- bath tub for baby
- washcloths
- hooded towels: look for real terry cloth, seems like you get what you pay for here. a lot of momma's like the pottery barn kids towels.
- bath products & lotion
- mustela foam shampoo for cradle cap
- a&d ointment
- desitin
- changing pad & 2 covers
- mattress pad x2
- crib sheets x2
- mobile
- feeding bibs & teething bibs
- belly band for post pregnancy
- nursing tanks & bras
- video monitor: we have decided not to use a monitor in the beginning & see how we do, but parents LOVE the motorola
- infant gowns: baby gap
- white noise or sound machine: sound b sleep sheep

i hope this little list can at least help you in some way!
please feel free to add any recommendations that you have in the comments section.

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libys11 said...

this is great!! i have a friend who's having a baby shower and i needed ideas on what to give her!! :D

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