amber teething necklace

i've notice over the last couple of weeks that Levi seems as though he's beginning the teething process. mostly just because he chews on his hands & toys all the time now & has quite a bit of drool. 
i've had a couple of friends that have used amber teething necklaces to help with their baby's teething side effects & say good things about them. 
I did a little bit of research & decided to order a necklace for Levi. 
make sure to get natural, authentic, unpolished baltic amber. 

- amber is homeopathic
- could reduce swelling in gums
- can alleviate teething pain
- could accelerate natural healing process

make sure to get a necklace that is knotted between each bead for safety. 
*Levi does not sleep with the necklace around his neck, we double wrap it around his ankle when he sleeps. 

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