For the love of the game.

Days like today are extra special. Husband got the exciting news that he made the Tigers opening day roster! News like this makes my heart explode with happiness for that guy of mine. His dedication & perseverance is on some kind of other level. I don't really know how he does it, but I admire him for it. Hard work pays off.
I couldn't be more proud of the father that my children have as a role model.
For the times that I'm frustrated with our situation...
Half of our stuff at my parents house, half of our stuff on a truck to Detroit, some of our stuff packed in our Tahoe. Trying to keep the white tile in the rental clean that we are moving out of with a drooling baby that gets into everything now & his dog sidekick, Rowdy. Packing- with a little boy that kindly helps me unpack at the same time. Trying to load a car with a tired, crying baby & an anxious pup. Hot (not the sexy kind), sweaty, and just wanting to get this done & be in the car with the AC blowing in my face. All of those frustrations so quickly fade when I get the news that I got this morning.
This is why he still plays baseball season after season. This is why he has so much love for the game. And this is why we will always be by his side supporting him & cheering him on. 

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