On saturday morning, I did the Rooney's 5K run that I previously blogged about here. I finished super close to my goal of 30 minutes but unfortunately, I did not beat it. I crossed the finish line at 30:40. 
Later that afternoon, we went to a friend's BBQ. Something about BBQing with a group of people on a beautiful weekend afternoon is so pleasing. The food, the drinks, the sunshine and most importantly the company all compiled together make it phenomenal. We ate burgers and chicken, listened to some good tunes, swam in the pool and discovered Three Olives Dude (lemon-lime flavored vodka). We mixed the Dude with Mountain Dew. If you like Mountain Dew and want to add a little twist, you've never tasted something so delicious! Needless to say, our get-together with friends lasted from 3 p.m. long into the night. 

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