workout chic

I've never once stepped foot in a yoga class but, I hope to one day get into Bikram Yoga, I hear the results are amazing. Although I've never done yoga, I consider myself an avid pilates goer. I religiously attend my 5:15 p.m. class every Monday and Wednesday, I hate when I have to miss. Not only do I love the way pilates makes me feel, flexible, long and lean, I love the clothes. Victoria's Secret has the prettiest yoga clothes. Right now, yoga pants are 2 for $50! I just ordered the fold-over pant in the camoflauge/black and peach/graphite. Their website is great because you can mix and match different colors and pieces.
What ever your workout routine may be, workout chic!
There are so many styles to choose from: yoga capri, flare leg pant, fitted tank, tube top, over-sized tees... What's your yoga style?

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